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Chicagoland's apartment building foreclosures plunge.

Foreclosures lately have been a part of our daily living.We hear the statistics almost on an everyday basis.Here are some good news for Chicagoans.Only 2,800 foreclosure cases were filed against apartment buildings which is the smallest number since the housing crisis began.30 percent drop since 2012 is a very promising sign-

The five most popular zip codes in US

I will go on a limb to say, that we know the answer.I'm pretty sure most of us would say: Beverly Hills or New York.

Seller's market in Chicago

Chicago,just to reference a bit of statistics,is the third most heavily populated city in our nation.And a home to Boeing,Groupon,Exelon and United just to name a few.
"CNBC's "Power House" spoke with Baird & Warner broker Millie Rosenbloom, who says housing figures indicate "a seller's market" in the city's vast western suburbs, which are home to many of the people who makes those Fortune 500 firms run"-

Good News for Chicagoland.

Things are starting to slowly improve for Illinois-
The home prices continued an upward trend with April marking 20 consecutive months of year-over-year gains. However, not enough supply continued to affect home sales, which decreased 7.8 percent over previous-year numbers.

Housing Forecast for 2015.

Considering the fact, that home prices in 20 U.S. cities rose at a slower pace in the year ended in March as the housing market began to weaken at the start of 2014, we can't help to ask about the prognosis and the recovery.The housing demand is slower due to higher mortgage rates and tighter requirements in a mortgage approval process-

A Retirement Experiment: Sell House, Pack Passport, Keep Moving...

Certainly not your average,not every day and not for every one.Experiment that required Tim and Lynne Martin simply to sell their house and rent apartments while traveling the world-

What are we building in America?

I am sure that almost everyone lately drove by a construction site,seeing the foundation and beginning of the wall structure.I am also almost sure we rarely ask ourselves: what are they building?
CNBC's Diana Olick points out it is most likely multifamily apartment building-

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Rental Property

Did you know that there are currently more than 22 million landlords in the United States?
According to the Rental Protection Agency, more than 500 people become new landlords every day in this country.If you are considering joining them,Meg Stefanac has 5 questions for you to answer before buying a rental property-

Cash is King.

The old saying now more than ever describes real estate transactions.
Of all home sales in the first three months of 2014, over 42% were all-cash purchases-
A few major factors played a role: low inventory, stricter guidelines in a mortgage qualification process and aging of the baby boom generation,which uses the accumulated equity to pay cash.

Why do millenials rent?

I remember back in the late nineties all 20-something year olds that I knew then were buying homes,condos,townhomes.What's going on with the young generation today? Are they following in their parents footsteps and becoming homeowners?
CNBC's Diana Olick answers those questions in


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