Chicagoland among 5 nationally recognized promising places to buy rental properties.

I know we’ve all been there.Wondering and worrying about current real estate market condition,return on investments and long term perspectives.Should you buy a rental home in Chicagoland? ABC News published an article by Holden Lewis from giving us the “yes” answer-…
The projected 15.1% gross yield on investment, places our Chicago market second from the top.Seeing the current demand proves this statement.Predictable income and tax benefits are another attractive characteristics of an investment property as Jerry Lynch points out in

Not so new concept: Priceline for landlords

Technology,programs and applications apply to every step of our daily living.And it turns out a software created some time ago gains popularity.Software that just like,determines supply/demand and therefore suggests the rent price –
It has been around for a decade but seems to be more used right now,due to surge in rental housing.

Do I really need a property manager or can I do it myself?

First off let me introduce myself: Magdalena Misztak, one of the leasing agents/property managers, working at All County in Chicagoland. Our blog will attempt to help owners and tenants to become more knowledgeable and informed about renting residential real estate.
Our first subject is determining if you need a property manager.

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