Chicago area rents rise 5.9% in 2014

There still is strong demand for rental properties across the country. Like all real estate, there are pockets (including Chicago) which are stronger than others. Of course investors have noticed this too. Article is from CNBC and Trulia who does the tracking:
Longer term predictions are for rents to stagnate or decrease in 2015.

Turn your Chicago area house into a rental property

People ask me all the time if it’s a good time to buy rental properties. I don’t really give financial advice on rental investments but if you have ever thought about the process I read a basic 101 version on MSN recently I thought summarized some simple steps:…
The Chicago market has been hot for rentals and I saw the banks are releasing a number of foreclosures again in November (get them off the books before the end of year).
Hope this helps.