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Property management stress relief is what we specialize in!!!

A while back I have worked in a local bank.Every single day that was a third party vendor surveying random customers on bank's quality of service.One of the questions they asked over and over was if the transaction was stressless.Yes.It's obvious to all of us-stress is a part of our daily routine and is a part of everything that surrounds us.From money,work,traffic or as we Chicagoans know it as never ending construction, to dealing with investments and rental properties.Chicago took number 7 in a top 10 nationally stressed cities according to a study done by

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A trip to the future aka real estate in a quarter of a century...

We all remember or have heard about Jetsons.They lived in a cosmic looking home and had the most innovative gadgets.The year was 2062.Now it's 2014 and thinking about the cartoon you might ask:how far are we now from a futuristic reality of selling/buying homes?

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End of an era???

I have heard that statement couple of times before from a few random people- it seems that homeownership era is over.
Diana Olick from simple calls it a reality check in and valid arguments to support that.

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Facts and statistics about rental housing in Cook County-Chicagoland

We all witnessed the changes in state of rental- and owner- occupied homes over the last decade.Institute for housing studies at DePaul University released an article summerizing them-

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Not so new concept: Priceline for landlords

Technology,programs and applications apply to every step of our daily living.And it turns out a software created some time ago gains popularity.Software that just like,determines supply/demand and therefore suggests the rent price -
It has been around for a decade but seems to be more used right now,due to surge in rental housing.

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Chicagoland among 5 nationally recognized promising places to buy rental properties.

I know we've all been there.Wondering and worrying about current real estate market condition,return on investments and long term perspectives.Should you buy a rental home in Chicagoland? ABC News published an article by Holden Lewis from giving us the "yes" answer-

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Do I really need a property manager or can I do it myself?

Determining the need to hire a property management company - the questions every investor should consider in making a decision.


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